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From times immemorial, decorating one's garden with Outdoor Statues is quite popular. Even today, we see many familiar decorations like garden gnomes, scarecrows, figurines of cupids, flamingoes, cats, and angles, among many others, made from metal, plastic, and other materials. These are some typical garden embellishments currently available.

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Whether it is a family manor or a humble cottage, backyard gardens have always been a staple when there is the opportunity. Though the flowers and the beautiful greenery is attraction enough, people through the ages have been decorating their gardens with all kinds of Outdoor Statues. This trend is even more evident during the latter half of the year that has important holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Currently, there is no shortage of attractive, funky, and themed statues specifically designed to adorn gardens and front-lawns. These can come in various sizes, in multiple subjects, and made from several different materials.

Holiday-themed statues

Though they might be displayed only during the last couple of months in a year, holiday-themed Outdoor Statues are very popular. Generally, these are themed around the two most popular holidays, Halloween and Christmas.

Halloween statues generally follow spooky designs; hence, they come as flying ghosts, frightening witches on brooms, obscenely large insects, and animals like spiders, bats, scorpions, lizards, etc. Crows, owls, and pumpkins are also a staple.

Christmas themed Outdoor Statues are a bit different. These generally include Christmas themed statues like fairies, angels, Santas, reindeers, sleds, Christmas trees, etc.

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes are the most popular garden decorations throughout the year. Apart from male and female gnome statues, creative tree-houses and colorful mushrooms are also popular.

Metal statues

Another popular category of garden statues is intricately designed metal ones. Some prevalent sculptures include flamboyantly pink flamingoes, other birds like owls and turkeys, animals like cats and dogs, and insects like ladybugs in vibrant colors. Cupids in various poses are also popular in this category.

Tree huggers

Another popular and innovative variety in Outdoor Statues is tree huggers. These have to be hung on or fixed to trees and are probably the most realistic looking ornaments. The tree-huggers are available in innovative designs like gnome tree-houses, koalas, and ladybugs.

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