Top 20 PC Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality has gained popularity all over the world. The simulation of the real-world activities enables a person to experience that activity without physically being present at the location. The concept of virtual reality has found a place in education, the gaming sector, entertainment, and research.

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Skywin VR Tripod Stand Compatible with SteamVR Base Station 2.0 - Sensor Stand ...

  • Brand Name: Skywin
  • Item Weight: 4.13 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 96%
  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 6.1 x 3.6 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.9
Store Website:

KIWI design VR Stand, Headset Display Holder and Controller Holder Mount Station ...

  • Brand Name: KIWI design
  • Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 95%
  • Dimensions: 10.55 x 7.01 x 2.91 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System

  • Brand Name: HTC
  • Model Name: 99HANW001-00
  • Item Weight: 3.82 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 90%
  • Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 8 inches; 3.82 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 8.5
Store Website:

Hard EVA Case for Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset, Oculus Quest Travel ...

  • Brand Name: DEWVIE
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 96%
  • Dimensions: 17.72 x 10.43 x 6.38 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

PC Virtual Reality Headsets Buying Guide

To experience the virtual reality applications, you need some devices like the screen, the software, and the PC virtual reality headsets. The following article showcases the required features and specifications related to virtual reality headsets, which will help in selecting the best product.

What is a PC virtual reality (VR) headset?

This device is used as a screen to view the application and is worn on the head. It has lenses that enable you to experience the VR. Built-in sound systems also accompany these headsets. You can connect this headset to your PC and enjoy the application. The cables used to connect the headset with the PC are responsible for transmitting the headset signals. Some headsets also have wireless features, and they don't require any cable to connect to the PC.

Technical aspects of a headset

The display resolution is different for gaming applications and education-related projects, so make sure to buy the suitable one. You can also look for a headset whose resolution falls somewhere between the requirement of gaming applications and educative applications so that it works for both. Some headsets are also equipped with storage capacity for better performance. If you are specifically buying the headset for gaming, then look for touch controllers' availability to virtually play the game.

The setup and accessories

If the initial installation and setup are complex, you lose the charm of using the headset, so always ensure that the setup is simple and easy. A fast processor is a need for a headset, so look for the same before buying. The availability of accessories like batteries, chargers, stereo-head phones, cable, etc., is a must with a PC virtual reality headset. Some headsets are also equipped with additional accessories like silicon earmuffs that do not harm the ears' sensitive skin. An adjustable knuckle strap is useful when you want to release your hands from the controllers.