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Pickled mixed vegetables are sundried vegetables preserved in a concentrated solution consisting of vinegar and other preservatives. These vegetables are stripped of all moisture before being made into a pickle. The simplest pickle consists of just salted vegetables; however, flavored pickles with vegetables marinated in spices are also available.

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Pickled Mixed Vegetables Buying Guide

Vegetables are consumed in many forms. A popular way of consuming vegetables is in the form of pickles. Pickles are dips that are made with a wide variety of spices and marinades. Mixed vegetable pickles are healthy yet flavourful dips that can be had with any snack or meal. Pickle flavors and marinade styles differ from country to country, but it all involves marinating dried vegetables in a wide assortment of spices and immersing them in preservatives like vinegar.

Fermented dill pickles

The pickle preparation process involves fermentation of the vegetables in various preservatives. Dill pickle is the most famous pickle type made with an assortment of gourds like cucumber, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, etc.  The gourds are cut into vertical strips, marinated with salt, and are dipped into flavored vinegar. Pickles are commonly had with burgers or BLTs and are typically had as dips with nachos.

Kosher style pickles

Kosher pickles are almost the same as the ordinary dill pickles with a bit of a Jewish twist. Instead of vinegar, kosher pickles dip the marinated vegetables in a salt brine and are stored at room temperature. Kosher pickles are made with more garlic-based marinades and are known for their distinctive salty taste.

Regional pickle varieties

Traditional pickles tend to be bland, which is why regional pickles are highly popular. These pickles use many vegetables and are mixed with a wide assortment of spices, making them highly flavourful and exotic. The most popular among the regional pickle varieties are the South Asian pickles like the Indian achaar and the Korean Kimchi. Another famous form of pickles is the Greek toursi, which is also a variety of medium spiced mixed vegetable pickle.

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