Top 20 Pool Filter Cartridges

Owning a pool indicated keeping the pool filter always in check. These small cartridges check the debris for harmful bacteria and keep the pool clean and always fresh. Withstanding water accumulated in your pool, it can become a breeding place for contamination. However, these filter cartridges keep the contamination levels checked by regularly providing a quality filter to clarify the pool.

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Pool Filter Cartridges Buying Guide

An ideal pool filter cartridge will be tall and narrow in design owing to the bonded polyester fabric amalgamation, which is the premium core material. The plastic cylinder enforced is again circulated with a pleated polyester media that is pushed on each end. These are easy to maintain, and the trapped fibres, debris, dirt are filtrated adequately out of the pool efficiently.

Straining capacity of each filter cartridge

The smaller the filter holes, the higher the filtering capacity. If it has a capacity of smaller filtration range, most microorganisms and dirt can be pushed out. Check for cartridge filters that strain major contaminants as small as 10 microns. Do not settle for any lesser than that as ten microns is the minimum range of the dirt getting filtered out.

Essential features that must be present in a pool filter cartridge

The pool filter cartridge must not leave any area for backwashing. Hence these cartridges must not compromise any flow rate. The filtering process must not be too slow, which pushes off the rate of flow of water. As backwashing is not an essential feature, you will save water in the long run. Although sand filters are the cheaper alternative for polyester filters, the latter are relatively easier to maintain.

Indicator gauge to replace and change

The filter cartridge must come with an indicator that clearly shows when to change the cartridge or replace the cartridge again. Usually, it takes five to ten years to replace these filters, still look for the ones that can be easily maintained and tracked for further adjustments and debris collections. These filters are effortless to clean. However, it is efficient to track the changes on this indicator gauges.