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Electric potential or voltage are measured with the help of a ubiquitous instrument, potentiometers. These instruments serve the purpose of controlling voltage power. It is easy to handle if one goes through a complete video about a potentiometer. This buying guide will help one know about the features and uses of a potentiometer to buy them easily.

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Potentiometers Buying Guide

There are many types of potentiometers. Each class has a different use and can serve only that purpose for which it is made. Starting from industrial to micro, it involves everything. The guide will help buyers identify the useful ones to aid their requirements.

The features possessed by this product

The working voltage is 5V. One can even have more working voltage. The number of one round pulse is twenty. The product is also accompanied by a rotary encoder, which usually counts the number of pulses. The key enabled with the rotary encoder will help set the limit of counts back to zero. Lastly, the material of the knob cap is made up of aluminum.

The different types of this instrument

The first one is industrial potentiometers. These are usually found in heavy industries and are used to control voltage in industrial applications. The next one is the digital potentiometer. One can even call them auto meters to control the voltage with the help of digital signals. Micro potentiometers are the third type. These are found in circuit boards, which help to control electricity voltage easily. The other types which one can have are linear potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers, and rotary potentiometers.

The maintenance of the product after buying.

Every product needs maintenance after buying. Ignoring this will spoil the product very soon, even before the guarantee period. Thus, proper care must be given. The potentiometer only requires cleaning at regular intervals. However, there are things to consider which one must ensure before cleaning it. Firstly all connection wires attached to the instrument must be switched off, leading to a short-circuit.

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Twist the rotary to remove the accumulated dust. Clean the whole instrument with the help of a spray cleaner. After the cleaning process, let the potentiometer dry for some time, and then it is ready to use again. These steps must be followed whenever the cleaning process is done.

Things to be considered while buying the instrument.

Consider the installation and the budget of the instrument before purchasing one. Secondly, the right type must be selected. As mentioned earlier, each class will serve a different purpose. Thus the buyer must be aware of the kind he or she wants. How a device is made is also a significant consideration. The instrument must have every right proportion, which will help to control voltage efficiently.

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