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A ubiquitous attachment for drawers, doors, cabinets, and more, a pull handle helps the user open a container, gain access to a room, or otherwise draw an object closer by gripping the handle with one or both hands and pulling. They also help lift objects for moving or carrying.

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Handles help people interact with the world. They are attachments meant to be interacted with by hand, made of suitable materials, and fashioned in shapes designed for hands to grasp effectively. Pull handles work by the user gripping the handle and bringing it closer to their body--therefore, such a handle should be strong enough to support the action, adequately secured, and be the right length and size to pull effectively. As there are a massive variety of handles for just as many applications, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind while browsing.

To grip and to hold

Whatever the purpose may be, the handle selected must be large enough for the average adult hand to grip and pull. If the object is heavy, a handle made with a material that creates some friction (such as rubber or plastic) might be more comfortable to use than a more slippery variety. Heavy-duty handles, which have been tested for their load-bearing capacity, might be more appropriate for such purposes. Sweat can make metal surfaces slippery, which can prove dangerous, so look for rubber grips.

Hands tend to be unsanitary, so handles used around kitchens, restrooms, and other such places should be made of stainless steel or similar surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect. Using porous materials for handles in those applications can contribute to poor sanitary conditions.

Material matters

Handles should always be made of a material that can withstand regular use. Industrial drawers and cabinets, for instance, should have handles either plated with or made of a material that can resist corrosion, as rusted equipment can damage protective gear. Even household handles, such as those on furniture and doors, should be lacquered to last thousands of uses without wearing or rotting.

Extra features

While the standard pull handle, whether installed horizontally or vertically, is always an option, many handles come with features that make them extra useful. There are recessed handles, which lie flush with the door's surface and are lifted from their base panel using a groove. Inset handles let the user tuck their hand into the handle and pull. Some pull handles come with a latch and is meant to be used with lab ovens and industrial freezers. There are even foot-operated pull handles, designed to let people open a drawer or door using the sole of their shoe!

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