Top 12 Rear Bike Derailleurs

Derailleurs are the backbone in the body of a bike. Like a human cannot move without its spine, bikes cannot move forward if it has no derailleurs. The clamp is the sole reason the bike’s chain rotates when pedaled, resulting in the bike moving. The guide further brings to light how to pick effective derailleurs.

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Rear Bike Derailleurs Buying Guide

Bike derailleurs have different features that vary from bike to bike. It isn’t like one size fits all. So, the buyer has to evaluate all the necessary requirements carefully when purchasing a bike. This guide helps shed light on all the good derailleur features for you to make the right decision.

Feature-wise categorization of derailleurs

Not all derailleurs are created equal. Every one of them is designed according to different biker aspirations. Hence, it is essential to know about the various material they are made up of, the length of the cage, and the price point of the derailleurs.


What usually makes one derailleur better than the other is the material it is made up of: the better the alloys and the pivot points, the better the derailleurs. Better derailleurs will have tight pivots with least or no play in them. Aluminum alloy is the most common in the field and thus is preferred.

Cage length

The cage length is a crucial factor when buying a derailleur. Cage length helps determine up to what capacity the derailleur can cover slack when changing gears—the more comprehensive the range of gears, the longer cage it will require. Short and medium cage derailleurs are less likely to smash into things. It's usually best to go for as short a derailleur cage as you can get away with, as a short derailleur tends to shift quicker than long.

Other factors to consider

An expensive derailleur usually serves better than a cheaper one. An expensive one weighs less than the cheaper ones as it is made up of exotic materials like carbon cages and titanium pivots. Furthermore, the expensive ones use harder wearing components, increasing their tolerance, and making it durable. Hence, it is advisable to invest in a good derailleur. Some design sensibilities also help buyers identify the best derailleur.

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