Top 12 Refrigerated Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is a mixture of flour, bindings, and other cookie ingredients. It is easily formed into different shapes and baked to make cookies, eaten on its own, and used in other cold dessert recipes. Unused dough can be refrigerated for later use.

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Refrigerated Cookie Dough Buying Guide

Cookie dough is one of those preparations that taste equally delicious going in the oven as it does coming out. Prepackaged cookie doughs come with the benefit of precise measurements and instructions bakers of all skill levels can follow. They can be used in recipes as unbaked dough, too. Learn more about this surprisingly versatile product below.

So many kinds of cookies!

There's an extensive range of cookie dough types to try, from the classic chocolate chip to gluten-free and vegan flavors. There are egg-free, dairy-free, and allergen-friendly recipes of old favorites for people sensitive to specific ingredients. There are even healthy cookies that use oat instead of all-purpose flour as a base. People wanting non-GMO products can find cookie dough that meets their requirements as well.

Ready to eat or bake

Rarely is something so delicious before it's baked. Most cookie dough brands come ready to eat right out of the packet for those who want to use the unbaked dough to make dessert bites or other recipes (and for those who just enjoy eating the stuff as is). They're made with heat-treated ingredients to kill bacteria that might otherwise be present. Egg and butter-free recipes ensure they remain shelf-stable even if left unrefrigerated.

For all purposes and activities

There's no danger of ever buying more dough than one needs, as it's available in many different quantities, all perfect for various activities. A personal attempt at baking? Try the 16oz packets that make twelve cookies each. Regular snackers might prefer to keep a resealable pint tub around, while someone curious about a new flavor might like to try a little 4.5oz tub first. Most edible cookie doughs are shelf-stable, too, making them safe to eat for as long as 270 days without refreezing.