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A screwdriver comes in quite handy as almost everything in our homes and around us is held together with screws, especially furniture and other homeware items plus some hardware. Most of us have also tried our hand at fixing such home items, and the first thing we look for is a screwdriver. However, all objects use different kinds of screws – each of which requires a separate driver type & size, and screwdriver sets are the perfect solution.

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Screwdriver Sets Buying Guide

Screwdrivers are an essential tool that can be found in every household since everything from home appliances to furniture can be fixed with its help. Not only domestic use, but those who work in a garage or factory also frequently use screwdrivers. Since screwdrivers can perform a wide range of functions, buying a complete set with various sizes can be quite useful. But buyers should give thought to some features before investing in one.

Durable Material 

Ensuring that a screwdriver is made of high-quality materials and is durable is crucial, and the same goes for sets. A common material used is stainless steel, but buyers should go for vanadium steel as it is far more durable and suitable for heavy-duty use. A chrome plating or a carbon steel shaft with oxide finishing is a bonus factor that can be considered to prevent overtime corrosion and ensure long-lasting performance.

Magnetic Tip and Compact Design

Since screwdriver sets are compatible with a range of objects, one needs to continually change the screw size depending on the item needing repair or setting up. For easy attachment, a magnetic tip can be helpful as the force will make the screwing in and screwing out process quicker. A compact design and size are also crucial, particularly for objects in tight or enclosed spaces. Buyers should prefer a non-slip handle for comfortable use and maximum flexibility.

A Lot More to Consider

There are a few more properties to consider besides material and design while buying a screwdriver set. Buyers can go for a kit with pocket-size screws that are easy to carry, especially if required for daily work. An included portable storage box is suitable to avoid clutter and keep the screwdrivers organized. Some kits are even color-coded, so you always grab the right kind and is an added feature. Buyers can also choose screwdriver kits that come with a lifetime guarantee for easy replacement when and if you need one.

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