Top 12 Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Single bowl kitchen sinks are the most commonly seen type of sink today. They have just a large bowl without any dividers, and the drain may be offset or centered. The extra space helps fit larger cookware, and the space savings are critical for smaller kitchens and in set-ups like mobile homes.

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Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

Sinks are among the most used pieces of equipment in the household. They come in the less commonly seen double sink variety and as one bowl by itself. Single-bowl sinks are getting increasingly common these days due to shrinking apartment sizes and need to save on kitchen space--plus appliances like the dishwasher make it relatively easy to wash many dishes very quickly. This guide should help select the best single bowl sink to suit one's needs.

Know thy kitchen

Single bowl sinks are most suited to small kitchens, but it’s still essential to get a sink that fits. An aperture is typically present in the countertop where drop-in sinks are inserted (overmount sink) or attached underneath (undermount sink). The measurements of the sink must necessarily match up with those of the opening for a proper fit. While single bowl sinks are the natural choice for more compact conditions, look for a sink that still accommodates larger dishes like crock pots and woks.

The materials it’s made of can vary from stainless steel to ceramic and granite composites, as these don’t harbor germs or dirt and are easy to keep clean. They should withstand chipping and staining and resist the effects of heat, cold, and cleaning chemicals.

Fitting into the scheme

Whether in a small studio kitchen, in a trailer home, or behind a bar, a sink should complement its surroundings. Steel sinks have a classic chrome finish, but modern ceramic and quartz sinks come in a wide range of attractive shades that can lend some visual pop to the room. Colored sinks should be UV-resistant, so their hue doesn’t fade over time. However, a white sink might be best if the utilities supply mostly hard water.

Under the sink

Some additional factors come into play if the kitchen features a garbage disposal system or an incinerator leading from the drain. They can be jarringly loud through a layer of steel. Some sinks come with noise-absorbent padding in the base that helps reduce this sound and the noise from washing dishes. 

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