Top 12 Spaghetti Pasta

Many people may not know this, but pasta is one of the five most popular dishes globally, and indeed, we all can agree that it deserves to be on that list. Whether you want to switch up the dinner menu on the weekend or need quick recipes for late work nights, pasta is the way to go. Even though all kinds of pasta taste pretty much the same, some are far more popular than the others, and one such type is spaghetti pasta – as there is just something about eating pasta in the shape of noodles.

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Spaghetti Pasta Buying Guide

Spaghetti, like all other pasta types, originated in Italy and is made using semolina flour mixed with cold water. The flour is then passed through a die to give it the signature shape and texture, which helps the spaghetti sauce cling. Although we associate pasta with junk food, spaghetti is low-fat and high in carbohydrates, fibers, and nutrients, making it suitable for diets and regular consumption. However, it is crucial to consider some features before buying spaghetti for a great cooking experience and a delicious taste.

Don’t Confuse Spaghetti with Angel Hair Pasta.

It is quite common for buyers to confuse spaghetti with other kinds of pasta that look similar. A look-alike of spaghetti is angel hair, and even though you may think it won’t make a difference, it does. Both are different variations, and angel hair is the thinnest among all rod/noodle-shaped pasta. While the spaghetti pasta’s texture is somewhat thick, angel hair has a fine texture, making it a not-so versatile choice. For instance, if you use angel hair pasta with heavy meat-based sauces, the noodles will not hold well. Therefore, buyers should ensure they choose spaghetti pasta and not angel hair pasta.

Healthy Alternatives

Even though spaghetti pasta is quite nutritious, you can always choose even healthier options if you wish. One way to avoid the usual ingredients is by going with organic or plant-based spaghetti pasta, which is comparatively safer, healthier, and has low glycaemic levels. It also has lesser carbohydrates and can be easily incorporated into your diet plans. If you do not want plant-based ingredients, you can choose whole-grain or multigrain spaghetti pasta instead, which is an excellent fiber, protein, and iron source. Buyers can also select gluten-free alternatives made of rice and corn flour if preferred.

Additional Features

If you love spaghetti but don’t always have the time to make it from scratch, you can buy meal kits that come with a spice mix and ready-to-use cheese. Those following low-carb diets can choose keto-friendly and paleo-friendly spaghetti pasta, so you don’t miss out on its deliciousness even when on a diet. Buyers can select thin variations in spaghetti pasta instead of going with other kinds like angel hair. Also, pasta-lovers can buy variety packs that include different pasta shapes along with spaghetti.