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The Star knob is a clamping knob used to secure the handle and facilitate a firmer grip. The Star knob has an intriguing design and structure, making it unique from the rest knobs. They come in a variety of materials to provide the required star knob suitable for a specific job or task.

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Knob stands for a round or circular handle, which provides a sturdy and comfortable grip. The Star knob is a subcategory of knobs having a star shape or structure, which also offers a unique grip option. They are used in different places such as in machinery, doors, etc., as they are sturdy, easy to install and use.

Features of Star knobs

Star knobs have a variety of prominent features that give them an upper hand, such as their unique shape and versatile or universal nature, to fit smoothly into the desired parameter of a particular device or furniture. The unique structure provides a tighter grip, which prevents your hands from slipping while holding them. They come with an attached screw option as well in which the knob is manufactured along with a screw to reduce effort and provide a secure mode.

About Material Alternatives 

These knobs are available in a variety of materials having their unique specifications or properties. The star knob material can be Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Cast iron, and steel. These materials are used at different places to serve a specific purpose such as Plastic ones are cheap and readily available options. On the other hand, the steel ones are more durable and sturdy, which gives a variety of options to the consumer to choose according to their requirements.

Where to purchase these knobs?

Star knobs are one of the universal kinds of the knob which makes them widely accessible. They come in a different number of lobe options. For instance, some have four lobes, and some have six. You can choose the one that serves your purpose the best. Companies specializing in hardware and industrial goods are manufacturing them in different materials and sizes based on the various places they are to be used.

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