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Whether one owns a food truck, an RV, or a Utility vehicle, getting into one gets quite tricky without a step rail. In other words, a step rail is an additional attachment to the outer side of a large vehicle that allows getting in quickly and protecting from any harm.

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Step Rails Buying Guide

A step rail or a running board is an utterly necessary attachment if one has a giant vehicle or a transportation lorry. The usual trucks and pickups need to have a side step for easy access to the truck bed that carries heavy loads. It makes the loading and unloading a lot easier. Such utility vehicles are purposely built on a higher elevation from the road concerning the weight it can carry for the long term, which is why they need to have a step for the transporters' ease of loading and unloading material.

What are step rails, and why do you need them anyway?

Step rails, commonly known as the boss bars, tubes, running boards, or truck steps clarifies a few purposes. They are mainly used as a footrest or extended climbing support on a utility vehicle. They also work as a bumper and protect large vehicles' sides avoiding contact with smaller ones. These supports get bolted on the back of a pickup or sides of a sporty ride keeping in mind the jolts and pressure it goes through. Hence these step rails or running boards have to be super rigid and robust for a lasting result.

The primary material should be highly prioritized

Step bars would usually be made up of aluminum and stainless steel, but the type of vehicle and the bar's usage should predominantly be considered while buying one. Various vendors will suggest several options depending upon the use, and climatic conditions, like heat, cold, and the car's temperature affect any external attachments. Some are available in adjustable and foldable series, while some of the steps come with extended hydraulics that make the roof easily accessible. Ones with folding designs save space and get the job done at the same time.

Where to buy the correct bars or steps for the desired purpose?

The bars may cost anywhere between $350 to $1800 for a truck depending upon the material and size. These boards and steps are responsible for keeping the vehicle interiors clean and protecting it from any damage. The best selling steps for smaller sized vehicles are inexpensive as compared to the truck versions. They are foldable and cost $40 to $100 and more. Perfect for stepping in a large SUV or a pickup truck, these steps are readily found online or at any automobile part retailer by properly overseeing the need of your vehicle.