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Stevia is a sweetener that is extracted from a plant species called Stevia Rebaudiana. It is a commonly used sugar substitute. Because it is very low in calories and is known to suppress plasma glucose levels, it is frequently used by diabetic and obese people in place of sugar.

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Sugar can be harmful to the body because it is high in calories and causes insulin spikes. It is mostly unsuitable for consumption by people suffering from obesity and diabetes. Hence, those suffering from obesity and diabetes look for low-calorie sugar substitutes to satiate their occasional sweet cravings. Although many low-calorie sugar substitutes exist, not all are safe because they are made of artificially processed ingredients that can cause further harm to the body. Stevia is the right choice of a sugar substitute because it is made from natural ingredients.

Low in calories

Sugar is very high in calories. Even when had in moderation occasionally, its high-calorie content tends to affect obese individuals' health.  Everyone following a diet plan sometimes deserves a cheat meal; however, all the benefits of a diet plan are reversed when one has a dessert that includes sugar. One significant advantage of Stevia is that it is one of the lowest-calorie sweeteners. Hence, an occasional dessert sweetened with Stevia causes minimal harm or deviation from the diet plan.

Much sweeter and safer than sugar

The second advantage of Stevia is that it is approximately one-hundred times sweeter than sugar. Since Stevia is a naturally occurring sweetener, it undergoes minimal chemical refining to be sold in packet form, making it healthier than the highly chemically processed white sugar. Hence, even a small amount of Stevia can be used to prepare large quantities of desserts or sweets without wastage making it cheaper than sugar. The fact that Stevia has a low-calorie content makes Stevia the best choice as a diet sweetener.

No carbohydrate contribution

Stevia does not contribute carbohydrates like traditional refined sugar, making it the sweetener choice for a low-carb diet or a ketosis diet. It is also the best sweetener choice for those who have diabetes since Stevia has no effect on blood sugar levels and does not induce an insulin response.

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