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As monsoon arrives, it brings with itself not just splashes of joy and musty fragrance but heavy rain as well. While naturally we are inclined to stay indoors curled up with a book, we can't escape going out. Umbrellas to the rescue, and here is what you need to know.

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Stick Umbrellas Buying Guide

Umbrellas are that one item in your household that, at one point or another, you share with not just your family and kids but also with your community. So, it takes some effort to choose the correct representative for your family. You can't be too judgemental while making a choice.

Matters of the size!

Monsoon, although very soothing and essential, creates inconvenience in daily life activities. So, the size of the umbrella is an important feature. Firstly, it should not cause you any discomfort while handling it. Stick umbrellas come in a wide range of sizes for you and, you can choose the one that appeals to you. Depending upon the person who will be using it regularly, you can oscillate between a light-weight, compact one to a heavy, big statement kind. 

Canopy! One of a kind.

Canopy is the medium for your expressions. Keeping colors and texture at bay, we must not forget that it is the one that is going to protect you from the sun or rain. You must always be very selective while looking through the features, like durability, UV-protection, double-layered, inverted. There are so many features that the manufacturers provide. The environment, the user, and the versatility of the product are somethings that should be kept in mind while selecting the specifics for your stick umbrella.

Handles that, provide comfort.

Your stick umbrella is going to be held by the hands of many individuals, right from toddlers to grown-ups and especially you. You have to be mindful that your hands are holding your phone, keys, grocery bags, and whatever the day demands. So, looking for handles with straps or the ones that are C-shaped will not just keep you dry, but it will also allow you to open the doors while holding those heavy bags.

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