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Tie racks are shelves used to hold and store neckties. These racks are useful for organizing and neatly storing the neckties for easy access. Since tie racks are compact and small, they are excellent closet organizer tools that save a significant amount of closet space. Tie racks also provide easy accessibility to the neckties.

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Neckties are the ultimate apparel for formal clothing. Wearing neckties automatically provides the appearance of a good sense of decorum because neckties are a symbol of discipline and finesse. Every formal occasion like meetings or conferences or even informal gatherings like weddings requires a necktie. Hence, everyone must have a good collection of neckties. However, with that many neckties, organizing the closet becomes challenging. Therefore, tie racks must be used to manage neckties and access them easily.

Hanger models vs. on-wall models

Based on how they are installed, tie racks come either as hanger models or on-wall models. Install on wall models come with two hooks on either side of the tie rack that hold the screws. Hence, when installing an on-wall model, two screws must be drilled into the wall before hanging the tie rack. On the other hand, tie racks are available in hanger models with a curved loop that can hang to the closet rod and various loops on its body that can hold many neckties. While on-wall models can hold heavier loads, hanger models can be hung anywhere.

Straight hook vs. looped hook

Tie racks have various hooks that hold the necktie in place. Tie rack hooks are of two formats, namely the straight hook and the looped hook. Straight hooks protrude as straight lines, whereas looped hooks are curved U-shaped hooks.  One significant difference between the two hooks is their ability to carry the number of ties. Straight hook tie racks can hold multiple hooks in one rack, whereas the looped hook tie racks can carry only one necktie per hook. While looped hook tie racks are common in private closets, straight hook tie racks are used in clothing shops.

Plastic vs. steel tie racks

Necktie racks are available mainly in plastic and steel hooks. Although the difference is not significant, there is a difference between the durabilities and the hooks’ carrying capacities. Since steel is a stronger material, these hooks are capable of carrying heavier loads. Hence, multiple ties can be stacked together on the steel racks without them bending. However, steel tie racks are not long-lasting because they can rust and corrode. While plastic racks may not have an excellent load-carrying capacity, they are nonetheless extremely long-lasting. Stainless steel hooks are also available that are both long-lasting and durable because they do not rust.

Versatility in tie racks

Although tie racks are exclusively designed to carry only neckties, more versatile varieties of tie racks exist. Combination tie racks can hold belts, socks, and even sunglasses in addition to neckties. Many can also hold scarves. These tie racks eliminate the need to buy separate holders for different items since they can hold multiple things.

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