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Toggle switches are a treat to the eyes as it is used for basic applications. It is one of the switch types that helps in activating accessories in the car. They usually have only two terminals, where one is for input, and the other is for output. The switch is perfect for industrial equipment and great for electrical connections.

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Toggle Switches Buying Guide

There are plenty of possibilities to choose from, hence focusing on critical features may narrow down the choice to the best options. Equipped with buckle may toggle switches are easy to install as well. Some controls are only compatible with one and a half-inch mounting holes; hence make sure of the compactly before choosing the right toggle switches. Another thing that must be ensured is anti-corrosion and high resistance. That's why it is perfect for industrial equipment and emergency lighting.

Must be Made of High Quality

Although it is relatively inexpensive, it is recommended to buy high-quality materials like polyamide eP in the market. Also, it must be anti-acid and highly resistant to silver terminals. Not only that, it must withstand 10000 times of on/off operating life span. The model can provide 1000m contact resistance and insulation resistance, saving the customers from buying a whole new unit. Some of the products come with nickel-plated brass material that encourages non-corrosive construction. Designed for specific uses in blue sea systems weather deck panels, it has temporary immersion for 30 minutes.

Typical applications of Toggle Switches

Being very easy to operate, they are used in myriad applications. From household appliances to commonly used control switches, toggle switches seem to play a significant role. With its rocket type contact mechanism, it provides extensive usage for switching and other related issues. There is a flip cover in most models to protect the switch, designed to protect from false switching. They provide 1000MOhms as minimum insulation resistance, and the operating temperature is around minus 30-degree Celsius to 85-degree Celsius.

Classification of Toggle Switch. Which is right for you?

There are three types of uses of toggle switches spending on the usage from light to heavy-duty. Military purpose toggles meet several requirements that provide for specific purposes. The lever resists contaminants' entrance; on the other hand, general-purpose toggles are designed to manage mechanical stimulus. They are mechanically actuated. On the other hand, heavy-duty switches offer speed control for application, and they are widely accepted for unique matters. Overall, it proves dust-free performance lasting for many years before being replaced.


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