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Cleanliness is maintained in every house or office. The traditional methods of cleaning a place involved brooming and mopping, but due to advancements in technology, many automatic gadgets have taken the place of a broom. The automatic working of a device has made the work of a person easy and comfortable.

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Upright Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

One such cleaning device is the upright vacuum cleaner. This device consists of a brush roller that does the cleaning and a bag to hold the dust and litter. The vacuum created by the machine sucks up the dirt and put it in the bag. Many options are available in the category of upright vacuum cleaners. This detailed guide will help you think about some specific points that will enable you to invest in the best item.

Know about the types

The upright vacuum cleaners are categorized into types, namely direct fan and fan-bypass cleaners. The difference lies in the construction of the cleaners and relative working. In direct fan cleaners, a massive fan is placed near the suction opening area through which the dirt is passed to the bag. These large blade fans utilize less power in the cleaning process but are not suitable for above-floor cleaning. The fan-bypass model has the fan motor placed after the dust holding bag, and the size of the fan is small. The fan-bypass model is perfect for above-floor cleaning.

Technically supportive specifications

After identifying the difference between the two upright vacuum cleaners stated above, you need to ensure some technical specifications in the cleaner. The first one is the vacuum cleaner's weight; always go for a lightweight cleaner so that it can be used and carried easily. Second, comes the adjustment levels available with the cleaner. There must be an option of adjusting the height of the cleaner for a smooth operation. Go for an option that has a large dust capacity bag to avoid frequent emptying of the bag.

The performance and filtration

In the upright cleaners, the two variations mentioned above have different performance levels. The fan-bypass performs better than the direct fan cleaners because the unfiltered air cannot pass through the motor. You should go for that upright vacuum cleaner, which has certified HEPA notion. The HEPA certification ensures that the cleaner is doing an efficient job of filtration.

Quality, attachments, and noise level

Always go for a cleaner that has a good fit and finish and is made of reliable components. The availability of attachments like a dusting brush and upholstery tool for cleaning hard to reach areas is like the icing on a cake. Some vacuum cleaners produce a lot of noise while cleaning, so ensure that the one you are buying does not create much noise.

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