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If anybody works in the metal industry, they know how challenging it is to work with cylindrical shapes because molding rectangular and square shapes is comparatively more straightforward. Holding these circular shapes while drilling or placing them on milling machines requires the v-blocks to provide them a firm grip for functioning.

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V Blocks Buying Guide

The measurement of these circular rods or pipes is a complicated task, and people involved in doing these jobs must find it very toiling. The V-blocks are trending because of the precision that they provide while cutting or molding circular workpieces. These v-blocks come in various sizes, but their appearance matches their name as the cylindrical shapes are put into these blocks and are granted a stable position for smooth working as it will not fall or rotate. This buying guide will help mechanics or amateurs in choosing the right V-blocks fulfilling their purpose.

Getting blocks in pairs

The V-blocks can only function if bought in a pair of two or even more per the rods or pipes' project and size. It is important because the objects that will be placed inside the space made for holding them should not lie on the edges; otherwise, the measurements can go awry. Usually, one v-block is more profound and broader than the other block that guarantees that excellent work is done even if the shapes are irregular.

The angles need to be perfect

The V-blocks are made up of rectangular steel with a 90° channel with folded sides at a 45° angle. Now, this measurement has to be similar in any type of v-blocks that the workers are buying. These angles will guarantee that the circular shapes fit precisely in these blocks, and a small groove is cut at its bottom, which makes them get their form. The sides that these blocks have to need to be evenly spaced and sized; otherwise, the required perfection in the final output would not exist.

Are clamps necessary?

While working with familiar metal shapes of various sizes, the workers may need help to hold them tightly in their space because this allows for precision in work. If the worker is very skilled and experienced working with the V-blocks, they might not need clamps to firmly hold the objects, but if somebody is a beginner, it becomes imperative that clamps are required. Now, buyers can either go for blocks without clamps or clamps attached with these blocks that might save the users time and energy from getting the right size for their blocks.

The grading scale of blocks

The pairs of v-blocks come in two gradings, which can be A and B. These dimensions even differ as per the requirement and are made up of high-quality casting that prevents distortion. The width of the V can be 5/8, 3/16, etc. V-blocks that meet standards and are machined square would meet the specifications without any distortion. While purchasing, if any kinds of burrs are there on the blocks' surface, it is of low quality. As these are used for heavy works, it becomes pertinent to check them for any scratches or deterioration in the output quality.