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Resistors are required in all electrical circuits, no matter how big or small they are. In many areas of electronics, they are also referred to as potentiometers. They are used for gains and volume controls along with various other applications. It is critical to choose the right resistor for appropriate effectiveness.

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Variable Resistors Buying Guide

Variable resistors can determine various properties of a circuit and are used in large quantities worldwide. There are preset resistors that many circuits use; all they need is a minute adjustment to set them after manufacturing. These have a variable tapping point with a fixed resistor for the user's convenience. These arrangements resulted in them being called potentiometers, derived from the earlier times for measuring voltage. When it comes to variable resistors, there are various things one needs to know about before purchasing, and this buying guide is for the same group of people.

Two classifications of variable resistors

There are two types of classification of the variable resistors- adjustable and preset type. An adjustable resistor has a spindle and can be utilized with a knob. Generally, this type of resistor is used for controlling tones and volumes on a radio. A value is required to be set by the user for some of the adjustable ones. Preset ones aren't a piece of equipment and are used when a circuit needs to be set-up with a value during the manufacturing process. It is also essential to make adjustments that ensure the circuits' operation within the necessary limits.

Different types of variable resistors

Variable resistors come in many types. There are seldomly used carbon composition resistors to repair and restore vintage radios and absorb high transients in circuits. Carbon film resistors are another type of resistors that are smaller and much more stable than the carbon composition one. Metal oxide film resistors are made from metal oxide films deposited into ceramic rods and are superior to the carbon films. The remaining resistor types are surface mount resistors, wire wound resistors, and metal films with various benefits worldwide.

High-quality resistors are necessary.

When deciding to purchase a variable resistor, the most crucial point that takes precedence over everything else is the quality of the product. No user would end up satisfied with a low-quality and cheap resistor- that would ruin the brand's name and the users' trust for these types of products. It is advised to choose the best selection of carbon film that consists of reasonable wear and noise characteristics. These resistors work as a variable voltage driver and come with standard knobs. However, check the resistance before using them to ensure perfect usability.

Multiple variable resistor applications

Variable resistors have a wide range of applications and are sought after worldwide. They are used as volume controls for audio applications, amplifiers, guitars, lamps, and other appliances. Other applications include knob fixing on amplifiers and other devices for a smooth-sailing, functional, and natural operation. It is critical to plan out the reasons for buying one beforehand.

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