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One of the most challenging musical instrument is playing the violin. Violin requires great shoulder and hand strength to give the best musical compositions. Violin bows are an essential part of these instruments, and if their size and shape are not of acceptable quality, then the music will not be up to the mark.

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Violin Bows Buying Guide

A musician uses violin bows to play different violin chords and hits the audience with the best music that is a pleasure to hear. Certain factors affect the quality of the sounds produce with the help of these bows. The shape, size, and weight are common features that a violinist must consider before buying the bow. The other features, like construction material, frog, arc, etc., also have to be looked at appropriately.

Wood or carbon fiber?

Previously, the violin bows were quite heavy because they were made up of wood. The beginners could take a lot of time while learning with that bow as it was not easy to handle. There were always chances that the wooden bows are not made accurately, and in playing the violin, the bow has to be balanced. These issues were resolved by the introduction of carbon fiber bows that are lightweight and portable. The latter bows made it easy for everybody, whether novice or the experts, to play effortlessly and with a lot of precision.

The natural horsehair

The violin bows that are made of composite materials may not give the best sound, and there exist some chances that the strings may break in the middle of a concert or session. All the probabilities of such mishaps and embarrassing moments can be avoided if a buyer only chooses bows made up of Mongolian horsehair. The horsehair must be natural and unbleached for an excellent response once it touches the violin's strings and should offer a sweet sound. The horsehair is better than other synthetic strings because they retain its strength and thickness very well.

The importance of balance

The bows should weigh between 55 grams to 62 grams. The bows produced in a factory will give the exact copies of bows that will not even adhere to the accurate measurements. A buyer should look for hand made bows that have been given a lot of attention and are made with precision. These bows that have been molded by the trained and skilled makers are more balanced and responsive than others. A player should be able to feel every nuance when a string or chord is played. The vibrations should make a violinist immerse better in their instruments.

A lovely arch is complementary

It becomes essential that a violinist can hold the violin bow comfortably in their fingers. When it comes with an arch, the violin bows give the ebony frog and adjustment screws a better appearance. The copper or nickel silver buttons provide a beautiful look to the bow. The other thing that these bows should feature is weather and temperature resistant strings. Once the bow does not react with the moisture, then it can guarantee its prolonged usage. A case is also a necessity for keeping the bows exactly as they were when purchased.

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