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Locks are essential to protect cars from thieves. However, door locks are easily hackable nowadays. With the car model's universal spare key, thieves can easily break-open the door system and drive the car. It resulted in the invention of wheel locks. Similar to bike locks, cars do have them.

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Wheel Locks Buying Guide

Car wheel locks do not apply intricate technological knowledge. It needs physical strength to some to extend to install the locks every time. Wheel locks being the safety element of cars have many specifications to consider before buying. So, go through the guide thoroughly to get in-depth knowledge!

The type of lock to install

When considering wheel locks, the type of lock is mandatory. A wrong kind of lock may not fit properly on the wheel, and it may lose its sole purpose of securing the wheel. Hence, choose the wheel-lock type, whether wheel clamps or locking nuts, which are the two major types in the lock. A wheel clamp is a heavy piece of metal attachable to the tire of the wheel. It has a rubber handle and a lock-key pair. In contrast, locking nuts are replaced in place of lug nuts. The locking nuts pack comes with four locks and a unique key.

The complexity of wheel locks is the key!

After knowing about the locks' types, it is vital to know about the complexity a lock can provide. Both of the locks, as mentioned above, are complex. But, the complexity levels may vary. Though heavy and bulk, the wheel clamps can be broken with a hammer or removed by deflating the wheels in the worst case. But, that does not mean wheel clamps are inefficient. They are so vibrant in colors, which itself might warn thieves. While a locking nut provides four unique locks with unique keys, which might be difficult for thieves to open. The choice is yours!

Simple installations over complex ones

Even though wheel locks provide safety, it must be comfortable and handy for the car owner to use. If it takes a lot of time to install, anybody would be easily discouraged to even have one in their car. So easy installations and complex locks are the keys. The wheel clamps are comparatively simple in installations than the locking nuts. On the other hand, the locking nuts involve fastening all four or five locks to the lug nut slot. If experienced, this may not take a lot of time. Hence, choose the type you need.

More aspects to look at when buying locking nuts

Except for the size, wheel clamps do not have more things to consider. In contrast, locking nuts must be examined thoroughly before buying. The thread type, thread size, and seat type are the essential features to consider when purchasing. There are many types of seat types such as conical type lock, ball type lock, mag, flat, and threaded seat type lock. There are still many types of locks available that might have gone outdated. Therefore, research the exact model needed for your car.

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