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A wheelbarrow is also known as a garden cart. It is a gardening tool that almost everyone gardener, homeowners, and DIY landscapers own for all their outdoor works. It is a small moving vehicle with one or more wheels and is used to carry loads from one place to another.

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Wheelbarrows Buying Guide

Wheelbarrows distribute the weight of objects between the operator and the wheelbarrow, allowing the user to conveniently carry bulky and heavy loads that would be impossible to take had there not been one. For example, if one person cuts down a tree, he would have to move the logs from point A to point B. Using hands to roll every tree trunk is a tedious and heavily demanding task that can be daunting. But using a wheelbarrow can solve the entirety of this problem. This buying guide will explain everything one needs to know about wheelbarrows before they purchase one.

Anatomy of the wheelbarrow

It is a hand-propelling object and has a well-thought construction. No matter what wheelbarrow one purchases, its anatomy consists of a handgrip connected to a handle, the bed or tray of the wheelbarrow to carry the loads, and a tire to move it. This construction allows users to move them to narrow places where many vehicles fail to enter and takes more load than one individual. Wheelbarrows are eco-friendly, easy to use, and pollution-free. There is also a leg support bellow to protect the legs from any minor injury that could occur when using a wheelbarrow.

Material to choose- metal or plastic wheelbarrows?

There are three types of materials that go into making wheelbarrows- wood, plastic, and metal. Wooden ones were used before, but now they are fragile and weak. The other options are sturdy and well-designed. Metal construction is standard and carries various levels of weight. However, one needs to take care of the metal ones as it can rust if kept unchecked for really long durations. Plastic wheelbarrows are light and perfect suiting for light gardening. It will not rust, though, but high load levels might crack the tray or the wheelbarrows’ wheel connectors.

Wheels- one or two for wheelbarrows?

The traditional wheelbarrows have only one wheel, enabling the user to maneuver wheelbarrows and dump items easily. However, it requires greater strength to control it. The newer ones come with more than one wheel that provides better stability and control of the item but sacrifices maneuverability. It all boils down to those two criteria- users need to pick one depending on which factor matters the most to the user.

Non-pneumatic or pneumatic tires?

The pneumatic ones consist of an inner tube that one can pump like a standard car or bicycle tire. The air inside provides shock resistance as it can absorb the shock generated from jumps and bumps. Non-pneumatic wheelbarrows have a reliable tire that won’t go flat or pop like the pneumatic ones. However, it does not provide smooth moving as its counterpart. Choose one depending on the type of work environment the user is around.