Top 12 Women's Earrings

Earring is a piece of beautiful and elegant jewelry attached to the ear through the piercing. Earring instantly attracts attention to shift the focus or to tie the whole look together. Earrings come in different materials to suit every skin type as some materials may not suit a particular skin type. Therefore, one has to have an understanding of their face shape and skin type while buying an earring.

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Women's Earrings Buying Guide

Earring is a jewelry type for ears used to highlight the ear and face as they tend to shape the face. They are made in different sizes and materials for various occasions to lift the look. Earrings have unique patterns and shapes in different colors and compositions, which makes them different from the rest.

Kinds of Earrings 

There is a diverse variety of earrings designed for every occasion and preference. The first one is a stud or minimal earring consisting of a gemstone or a precious ornament mounted on them, which adds to the aesthetic. Hoop Earnings are circular or semi-circular earring made of metal which is thin and passes through the ear. Drop or Dangle earrings are flowy and come in different lengths. Barbell earrings are similar to the barbell shape and are stylish. In Huggie Earring, stones are in channel sets, and lastly, the Ear thread is a thin strong which dangles through the ear.

Which earring will suit your face shape?

If you have an oval face shape, then splurging on a pair of pearl and teardrop-shaped earrings will help highlight the natural contours of your face. For round face shape, long dangle and drop earrings will help elongate your face. For heart-shaped face, go for earrings that wider at the bottom than the top part and teardrop ones. For square face shape, hoops and medium-sized earrings work well as they shift the focus and soften natural angles. Narrow face shape compliments earrings with significant volume. For diamond face shape, earrings with more width than length are ideal.

Where to buy earrings from?

Various brands or companies are designing elegant and chic earrings in different styles. They have a great variety to choose from, such as materials to the kind of earring you want. Earrings come in unique materials; namely, metal, plastic, precious stone, beads, rose gold, gold, and many more. Brands such as Pavoi, Raneecoco, Epirora, Cocadant, and Orazio are among the many brands available in the market dealing with earrings in different styles and materials.