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Petite clothing has been in the running since the 1940s, but only after a few years was it introduced into the fashion industry at large. There is a common misapprehension that petite clothing is meant for skinnier women, but it has nothing to do with weight. Petite sizes were introduced for women with short heights, typically for those under 5’4 or 5’3, as regular sizes are created for an average height of 5’5.

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Women's Petite Suits Buying Guide

It is often hard for women of short height to find length sizes suitable for them. This lack of appropriate length size leads to poorly fit clothes or jeans that have to be folded at the bottom – and for this, petite sizes were introduced, and today, clothing styles can be bought for short-height women. But there are some crucial characteristics to keep in mind before choosing petite suits or clothing.  

Size – The Most Important Factor

Due to the common misconception about petite sizes being for thin women, many end up choosing the wrong sizes. Petite suits come with standard measurements for those shorter than 5’4, but that has nothing to do with the size you choose. For instance, if someone is a size medium in regular clothing, the same applies to petite sizes. Only length measurements are different in petite suits to make it look and fit better.

Quality is Key

Petite suits can be worn for any formal occasion or the workplace and come in numerous styles. It can be anything from a pantsuit to a jacket and skirt set. Like any other clothing, it is vital that buyers choose suits made of high-quality materials. The most common material found in petite suits is polyester, as it helps retain shape and is also quite durable. It can also withstand over time wear and tear, making it the right choice.

The Best Closure and Collar Type

While most people may agree that suit jackets look better when left open, various closure options are available. The most common one is buttons – with anywhere from one to five buttons. Other closure styles include belts and zippers. But it is best to go with the basic button closure as belts and zippers might not be comfortable for all. Buttons also tend to last longer than other materials.

Collars on suits come in various styles, with shawl and notch collars being more common. But there are also collarless petite suits for women - however, it is best to go with the standard notch collar. The notch collar is widely used as it is more appropriate for formal occasions and gives a seamless look.

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