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Wood drill bits are small pointed rods inserted into a drilling machine's edge for drilling into wood. Multiple varieties of drill bits are available for various drilling functions. For instance, drill shapes change with the kind of wood on which drilling is done. Common drill bits include auger drills, twisted drills, and spade drills.

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Wood Drill Bits Buying Guide

Drilling wood is not a very easy activity. Since wood is a material with a large variety, it can become challenging to choose the right drill bit for the right kind of wood. Using the wrong wood drill makes the whole wood drilling process difficult and damages the drilling machine. With the suitable drilling machine and the right wood drill bit, wood drilling becomes easy, time-saving, and an enjoyable process. While drill bits can be used on various materials like plastic, ceramic tiles, metal, and concrete, specific drill bits exist only for wooden drills, not used on other materials.

General-purpose twisted wooden drill bits

Twisted wooden drill bits are the most common wood drill bits in the market. These drill bits are typically used for home drilling, repairs, and small scale DIY projects on both wood and ceramics. While twisted drill bits are suitable for thin layers of wood or ceramic, they are not ideal for thicker wooden slabs. If this small disadvantage is overlooked, twisted wooden drill bits are extremely handy for quick fixing and drilling work.

Brad and Pilot Bits for exclusive DIY work

While the general purpose drill bits are suitable for DIY projects, Brad and Pilot wood bits are specifically designed for the purpose. Since these have a clearly defined V-shaped center point, they can produce clean exit holes without blisters and sharp protruding wooden bits. Their inherent sleek design makes them an excellent choice for building DIY furniture and constructing cabinets. However, Brad and Pilot bits are designed only for wood and cannot be used on other materials.

Auger Drills for heavy-wood drilling

While most of the drilling bits can be used on processed and polished wood for general woodworking purposes, they cannot be used on raw unprocessed wood. General-purpose drills are not sturdy enough to handle the thickness of bare trunk wood. Auger drills are thick drill bits specifically designed to use raw, unpolished wood for further cleanup and processing works. The auger drills' sharp and fat design enables it to penetrate woods of all thicknesses and rawness. While other drills are used for domestic purposes, auger drills are mostly used in factories and workshops involved in heavy woodwork.

Drills for boring holes

In many instances, a need arises to bore holes into the wooden slabs for various woodworking purposes. However, ordinary drill bits are insufficient because their rotating circumference does not cover much surface area to create large enough holes inside the slabs. Hence, special drill bits called spade drill bits are used for hole boring. A unique feature of spade drill bits is their large rotating circumference that creates large holes on virtually any wood slabs' thickness.

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