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Wound closure kits, also known as suture kits, are a set of tools used to close wounds, mainly cuts and pierces that are not too deep. These kits consist of needles, thread, and other suture tools. Although trained medical professionals primarily use these kits, they can be used by regular individuals after obtaining appropriate first-aid training.

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Wounds can happen anytime, regardless of the place and distance to the nearest hospital.  If there is a serious wound requiring immediate treatment, there may not always be sufficient time to travel to the hospital. When trained to use them, suture kits are handy tools for temporarily closing cut wounds. When buying suture kits, it must be ensured that the kits are sturdy and durable for keeping the wound intact till such time that the wound heals.

Durability and tensile strength

It must be ensured that the surgical thread that is used for stitching the wounds are made of either silk or nylon as these two materials are highly durable and less prone to getting cut prematurely due to its high tensile strength. Surgical metals only made of stainless steel should be chosen as it is less prone to rusting. There is the risk of rust-induced infection if the needles are made of any other material than stainless steel.

Hypoallergenic sutures

The suture material should be either nylon or silk, as these sutures are hypoallergenic, which means that when applied to a wound, these sutures do not cause an allergic reaction on the skin around the wound.  One needs to be careful to avoid latex-based sutures, as latex can potentially cause allergies and prevent the wound from closing. These allergies can cause discomfort and may even result in permanent resistance to latex.  Another advantage of latex-free sutures is that they prevent hypersensitivity of the wound and the skin surrounding it.

Training pads and their advantages

Most of the suture kits come with a training pad on which wound stitching can be practiced. These pads can be used for emergency and first aid training. These pads are made of food-grade silicone, which makes it feel like human skin. With three-layered densities and built-in mesh, the training pads are an extremely accurate synthetic representation of the human skin's textures and feel. Hence, training conducted using these pads is realistic and pragmatic, with the skills being easily transferable to actual human skin. The pads come with fourteen types of simulated pre-cut wounds, on which suturing can be practiced.

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