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Accessories and peripherals designed for use with the Xbox One gaming console. These devices allow gamers to interact fully with their games, provide crisp and immersive audio, and expand drive storage, among other functions. The right accessories go a long way towards a better gaming experience.

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Microsoft's Xbox One is a console gaming mainstay. Whether following quests on horseback in Red Dead Redemption or challenging other gamers in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, using the right peripherals can deliver the richly textured experiences games are designed to be. They also work to extend the capabilities of the console, if required. This guide is written to help shoppers looking for headsets, controllers, expansion drives, and power peripherals.

Assuming direct control

Controllers are how gamers interact with their games. Short of the Xbox's Kinect sensors, everything one intends to do in a game--talking to merchants, aiming at enemies, sneaking around obstacles--it all requires a controller. The primary choice here is wired and wireless--wireless controllers need charging, while wired ones don't. Wireless controllers offer greater freedom of movement, however, and it's one less cable to worry about. Controllers come in a range of attractive shades, and some even feature LED edge lighting for that personal flair.

The full soundscape

A quality headset provides industry-standard directional audio, as the audio-spatial environment of a game is a vital part of immersion and interaction. From background chatter in a rustic inn to another player's movement rustling the grass to one's left, getting the right audio cues can make all the difference.  The microphone should be noise-suppressing and provide clear audio for cooperating with teammates and organizing gaming streams alike. Aesthetics and comfort are also top priorities--a good gaming headset is light enough to wear for hours, with comfortable ear cushions and a padded headband.

Add memory for more

With even the latest Xbox One S offering a maximum of 2TB of hard drive space, people who have an extensive library of games can find it a bit constraining. Luckily, the Xbox has an external hard drive limit of 16TB, and a gamer can connect up to two such external game drives. Drives come in capacities of up to 8TB, though half as much is sufficient in most cases.

These drives are portable, too, meaning games and saves can be taken wherever the user goes. Ensure that they're designed for Xbox for seamless integration to the console's systems while also retaining their general-purpose storage functionality. Some drives even come in special tie-in editions for game launches, featuring unique themed designs with limited runs.

Power and charging

Wireless accessories need power, and while they're not in use, refill those batteries with a rechargeable battery pack (or a charging station for controllers). Some charging stations can also charge battery packs. Look for indicator lights and an included safe-charging mechanism to extend the lives of controller batteries! There are also power banks for recharging controllers on the go. These devices can provide a full charge in 4 hours or less for 10-15 hours of game time.       

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