3D Supply is the German-based online e-commerce store where you can buy merchandise, hoodies, geek t-shirts and more from your favorite Youtube and steamers characters

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    The Souled Store

    The Souled Store is a unique platform for buying t-shirts online in India. It has a collection of Cool & Funny T-Shirts, badges, boxers, & much more designed by various artists.

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    Upload a t-shirt design and sell your t-shirts, mugs, phone cases online with no upfront costs.

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    Qwertee: Daily wear graphic t-shirts with funky designs, that belong to a limited edition. Grab these within 24 hours for only T-shirt Only '9/'11/$12.

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Info About & 3d Supply Store

3D Supply is a German online retailer of custom apparel. The company aims to provide its customers with custom clothing and apparel from different sources from across the world. The company at present hires over 20 employees and uses their services to produce quality offerings for their customers. The company also lists offerings from other customers on its platform. To ensure the quality of products from external suppliers the company put these products through rigorous quality control procedures.


The company’s product lineup mainly consists of designer clothing. Some of these are produced by the company itself while others come from designers from across the world. Some of the offerings listed by the company on its platform include t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and jackets among others. These are available for both men as well as women.

Partnership Program

The company has partnered up with several popular social media personalities especially those from Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram. The company lists official merch from these individuals on its platform. Some of the prominent personalities whose merch appear on the company’s platform include AimBrot, blackout, Moji, and Plauten among others.

Literature Galore

In a bid to help its customers the company has set up several sections of its website to contain literature regarding different aspects of the products and services offered by the company. These sections include a Printing techniques page, a washing instructions page and an FAQ page among others. These are aimed at enlightening customers over different aspects of the services offered by the company.

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