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Fix your home using an online home improvement retailer in Indonesia. The retailer sells home decor products, improvement needs, garden supplies, videos, photos, hardware and more to help home remodelling.

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Info About & Ace Hardware Store

Set up in the year 1999, ACE Hardware is Indonesia’s leading industrial and technical equipment store. It opened its first store in Tangerang and it also opened up a few small stores in the same year. It has more than 150 stores across the major cities of Indonesia. The vision of ACE Hardware Indonesia is to become the retail destination for the people of Indonesia for lifestyle and home appliances. Their mission is to provide the best quality products at affordable prices along with professional customer service. 

The delivery and return policy offered by ACE Hardware 

The delivery charges vary for members and non-members. You can also shop from their store and get it delivered to your home. The delivery charges vary according to the distance and the total value of the order. It offers a 14-day return policy with which you can return the products within 14 days from the date of delivery. You should have the receipt and the products should be in original condition at the time of return. 

The membership offered by ACE Hardware 

ACE Hardware has more than 500,000 customers under its membership program. It gives you a lot of privileges. You can earn points for your purchase, earn gift vouchers, get access to special member-only discounts and offers, promotional updates through e-mail and SMS and free delivery with a minimum purchase of Rp. 1.000.000 and much more. You can register for the membership by filling up the form and paying the membership fees which will be valued for 1 year. The members can check information like status, the points earned and much more through the website. 

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