Althea is the world's web based online Korean beauty shop with the fair prices and shipped from Korea warehouses.

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Althea is an e-commerce platform that is an expert in providing Korean beauty products. The company was established in June 2015 in Korea. Its primary aim has always been to introduce the rest of the world to the wonders of Korean beauty products. Since then, it has scaled numerous peaks. Today, it has grown into a widely recognized platform which has millions of fans across the face of the globe. It now delivers to more than two hundred nations. 

List of Products

Althea has a massive collection of products that will surely mesmerize the customers. They will find a vast array of various kinds of beauty products that are suitable for people with different types of skin type. The vast varieties of products include skin care, makeup, cleansers and much more. Customers will always find the best Korean product on the platform. 


The Company has entered into fruitful and long-lasting partnerships with numerous authentic Korean beauty brands, which help it to serve its loyal customers. The company promises that everything sold on the platform is original. Alongside, Althea has even developed its brand as well. 

All the products at Althea are made of the highest quality materials, designed and developed to provide the ultimate Korean beauty experience. The products have been priced reasonably too. The flexible return and replacement policies also help the customers to purchase more confidently. 

Cross Border Trading

The Company provides localised delivery to every nation in the globe. It has become the world’s first e-commerce platform, which is based on the model of cross border trading. Hence, customers can now avail localised customer support, pay in local currencies and even have access to local promotions and offers. Also, the website has been designed in such a way that it remains easily accessible to all customers, regardless of age, technology, or even ability. 


Althea is a unique platform, which is targeted towards making the world aware of the magic of Korean beauty products and cosmetics. It is now growing at a steady pace due to its innovative product line-up and strong leadership support.

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