If you are looking for travel solutions and to plan your trip better, visit the official site of a Spanish company offering search, pricing, online booking, real-time processing, inventory management, departure control.

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Info About

Amadeus is a Spanish IT company; it mainly focuses on providing IT solutions to the global travel market. The company was founded in 1987 with the aim of providing innovative solutions to the problems of travel markets across the world. At present, the company acts as a search engine for travel operators from across the world. The company not only serves travel buyers but also travel providers as well as travel sellers. The company at present is reported to have operations in over 195 countries and also claims to have access to almost 95% of the worlds scheduled airline seats.


The company is a travel and holiday search aggregator. Through the company’s services, the customers can search and find the best travel offerings in a particular location. The company lists the services of a large number of travel operators on its platform. The company allows its customer to search and book the services of over 693 airline carriers, 115 insurance companies, 206 tour operators, 30 car rental companies and 102 railway operators among others. 

Trip Tools

The trip tools section of the company’s website allows customers to prepare for their upcoming trips. This section consists of several tools which can be used by the customers to study different aspects of their place to visit and prepare accordingly. These tools include the likes of a world clock, a weather forecast tool, a currency converter and subway maps among others.

Inspirational Videos

The company has uploaded several videos on its website to inspire its customers to travel around the world. These videos are shot around different locations in the world and help the customer understand what makes that particular location unique and worth visiting.

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