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It is the prominent worldwide producer of printable labels as well as cards for the office and home, besides the series of paper trimmers and office accessories.

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Stan Avery is the person responsible for changing the face of adhesive-used labels. Back in the day, there was no concept of using labels which came with pre-existing glue. That’s when Stan Avery in 1935 decided that one could not keep using dried adhesive to stick material and came up with a new concept of manufacturing labels which already has adhesive. The brand has expanded massively and now has stores all across the world, including the United Kingdom in 1956, when Avery realized that the single company in Southern California would not be able to attend to the needs of their global client base and thus, began The company’s first manufacturing unit was opened in Cumbernauld, Scotland and has expanded since then.


The brand has a reputation to uphold and has been providing the best products and services for their users across the globe. The brand ventured first into making a revolutionary change in how labels with adhesive are used, and once this was established, the brand expanded into different territories. Avery also started providing their customers with office and home-related supplies which will help them in the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of both their workplaces and their homes.  The brand also started producing marking labels, along with copiers, computer labels, hand applicators, and many other products which are of daily need and help in the different sectors.

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The brand also provides dividers, filers, address and parcel labels, trimmers and office accessories. You can find letter trays, pen pots,  the book ends, magazine racks, key cabinets, and several other items which will help you work in a more organized setup and will positively influence your productivity.

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