Conforama is the online portal to buy furniture, decorative items, home apparatuses, PC and all the more all at a rebate costs and free delivery.

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Conforama is a European retailer of home furnishing and appliances. The company was found in 1967 and is based out of France. At present, the company operates out of more than 200 locations across Europe including countries like Portugal, Italy, Croatia, and Italy. The company is often considered by many as the second largest home furnishing retail operation in the country simply due to the scope and scale of its operations.


The company’s product catalog mainly consists of offerings like furniture and consumer electronics. Some of the other offerings include – beddings, lighting, kitchen electronics, and another home décor. The company is an authorized retailer of several popular brands including Samsung, Bultex, hp, Nikon, and Brandt among others. Such a large selection ensures that the company is always prepared for any of the customer's demands.

Football Supporters

The company is an active supporter of the Frech football league and offer several products and services that are themed around the event. The company runs several contests in association with the league and offers tickets to games and football goodies to the winners. The company also lists all the details of the matchups and schedules for the games on its website. In addition, the company also offers electronics at discounted rates in honor of the event.

Complimentary Services

The company provides its customers with a host of complimentary services both before and after the purchase. Some of them include after sale services including a12-day return policy, special payment options and free transport of purchases among others. Another unique offering is the La Confo Box which is specifically designed for those who are moving into a new location. 

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