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Info About

With 39 branches across China, Damai or is an entertainment platform for ticketing and entertainment brands, which is based in Beijing. The main service of the company Damai or  is to offer a wide communication service to a cultural creation field. The website of Damai or is operated and owned by Beijing Pony Media Culture Development Company Limited. 

Damai or serves and caters to a large number of groups and provides its range of tickets for the different types of concerts, dramas, art shows, movies, theatre concerts, sports events and shows which include some popular concerts as- Rene Liu, Li Yuchun Eason Chan. It also provides tickets for Global Games and serves as a part of the ticketing service system. 

Having a fully owned subsidiary with Alibaba, Alibaba entertainment business - the firm serves as the main link to all the online and offline services with the Alibaba system. The firm has a brand identity with, China Ticketing Online, and Red Horse Technology. 

The order procedure

  • Once the viewers have selected the number of seats and the price, click on the book now icon and submit to confirm the order. Note that the companies do not support any pre-sales selection. Once the process is done, the final billing and invoice for the same will be allocated with the order of payment. 
  • Once the order is confirmed, the viewers or the customers are requested to go to the confirmation page and select the shipping method. 
  • Select and pay the payment within 15 minutes as the display go off if not paid in the said time limit. 
  • Once the procedure check in your account the order details and status for the same.
  • Track your orders and wait for the tickets and delivery.

Delivery Methods

Delivery of the order can be done 2 ways – 

  • E-ticket (scanning the reference code or the QR code and get the password to download the tickets) and get the verification to confirm message for the same.
  • Express delivery or Pick-up from home. 

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