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Digikey is Canada's leading distributor of electronic components with millions of products from various manufacturers. Order now using USD or CAD and get same day delivery.

Store Website: digikey.ca
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Digikey Canada's Annual Revenue is $7.3 million and Monthly revenue is $599.8 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Digikey.ca & Digikey Canada Store

Electronics have become the most demanded avenue in today’s time. From the time you wake up till you go back to sleep, you make use of almost thousands of electronics daily.

There are some parts of which cannot be easily found in the market such as cables, filters and capacitors and motors of a particular device. Digi-key is, therefore, the solution to various hassles for an electrician or an engineer.

What exactly in the site and where did it come together?

The company was formed in the year 1972 and has been ever since dedicated to offering a wide range of electronic gears. They also strive to provide the best support and services besides. More than hundreds of companies in the United States, including Disneyland and space agencies, are into business with Digi-key for a very long period now.

The site serves assured and guaranteed products for more than 800 plus mechanical suppliers. The site is ready to ship more than 100 thousand products at any moment. With headquarters in Minnesota USA, they make sure that the orders placed are shipped out on the same day. The site has a local support center in every country they serve including Israel, Germany, Japan, China, and South Korea

How does the site function and what are the special features of the site?

Users can log in to the site and keep track of their order as well as check in the new discounts and offer to the related products.

Apart from products, the site also briefs oneself about various manufacturers and resources involved in the foundation of the site. The site also guarantees a 48 hour delivery in Canada depending on the location. The delivery within the USA and Canada is free on orders above CAD 100 or USD with easy returns at a very low cost and hassle-free payment.

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Annual Revenue: US$ 7.3 million

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Website: Digikey.ca