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Info About & FotosKlad Store

Fotosklad is a Russian film and equipment retailer operating out of several Russian cities. The company aims at creating comfortable conditions for its customers and in doing so plans on offering them the best deals at the most affordable prices. They have partnered up with several leading brands in an effort to move towards their aim of saving the customers time and money. Their catalog consists of more than 20,000 products.

Not Just Photos

Other than photography equipment Fotosklad also offers products like smartphones, tablets, toys for children and household products among others in its catalog. The company pays special attention to maintaining the quality of all the products that it offers. They work with the top brands to ensuring that only the best products end up on their store.

Informative Guide

Fotosklad extends its services beyond just selling products online by releasing informative guides that are aimed at helping customers make the right decisions while making a purchase. The guides come in the form of product reviews, company reviews, and guides on photography equipment and tips to use them. These guides play an important role in helping the customers enjoy the full potential of their purchase.

Repair Services

The Company offers repair services to its customers for its products at cheap and affordable price range. They employ professionals with expertise in the domain and use high-quality components as replacements while performing the repairs. Customers are also gifted with a warranty from the service center for using the services provided by Fotosklad.

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