Foxtrot offers household appliances, mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, monitors, notebooks and more on credit with delivery across Kiev and Ukraine all for free.

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Info About & Foxtrot Store

Foxtrot is one of the largest and biggest networks of retail stores that offer service centers throughout Ukraine. It is the biggest store that offers electronics and appliances. Group of Companies “Foxtrot” has a few brands which offer different services and electronic gadgets. Foxtrot – store of electronic appliances), Tekhnoshara – store regarding the home audios and video equipment. Secunda – market retail under the clock retail sector. Depot departments, malls, and stores. Foxtrot network is a member of Euronics, one of the largest groups of electronics and household appliance procurement catering and working along with 35 countries in Europe. 

The Buying Procedure

Select the item or products from the range of brands and items listed in the categories tool. One can refer to the content, instructions, and feedback before confirming the product. 

Once the confirmation of the item is done, payment can be processed in many ways as – cash on delivery, credit card payment, cash payment on receipt, or installment payment. 

All the products on Foxtrot are sold with a warranty and guarantee and are tested and qualified with a high-quality assurance process test. Depending on the brand, additional warranty condition may be mentioned in the documentation and invoice of the item. 

Products Exchanges/ Returns, if the product or item does not fit as per the expectation, you can return the product by filling the form. 

Policies and Social Responsibilities

Apart from this, the brand under Foxtrot strictly follows the Policy principle of UN Global Compact on the principle of Social Responsibility of business, with the modern approach to environmental literacy and environmental concern. 

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