Need to explore quality fashion products online? Visit an online retailer in Germany offering a wide range of products on suits, swimwear, jackets, jeans, nightwear, polos, sweater, socks, t-shirts, laundry, ties across brands.

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Germany is one of the leading countries when it comes to talking about the fashion industry that is men centric and unbiased about the running trends of men’s fashion industry. Just like the ladies, men, too take fashion on a very serious note. Style and masculinity is everything when it comes to the men. They never compromise for less.

Herrenausstatter has been mastering it for quite some time and therefore has an answer for such choosy menfolk. This Germanys fashion giant never disappoints and ends up impressing in various ways of fashion and originality.

The history of Herrenausstatter and how it has been pioneering since the year 1997

The site had to claim itself as the original since 1997 due to copyright issues in the past but it has been a groundbreaking fashion leader in Germany since the late 1990s. Their only motto is to bring men and fashion together and complete satisfaction of their customers by inspiring and creating with the help of new ideas and innovation from the fashion industries all around the world.

The period from 1997 to 2017 has been a milestone period for the site where they have been a huge success for more than 20 years nonstop. But it takes just more than a site to climb each step at a time and reach the ultimate. The is under a parent company named DePauli AG which is established in Munich. The company is entirely managed and run by the owners and founders even today.

The idea of the site was first brought up by Renata DePauli as in the year 1997 in September. Initially, the site had only around 40 products put up on the site to sell. But ever since then they have been growing every single day.

Renata DePauli was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the year in 2004 and the site bagged many more awards before and after that. Along with that came the establishment of many other sites under Herrenausstatter. The first few years have proved to be revolutionary and ever-growing. The year 2010 was when the site was represented by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economics as the Best Practice Example for Online Commerce. In the same year, Herrenausstatter launched its mobile shopping app for the iPhone with I Mode for the market in Germany while they continued to launch new online shops every other month.

What does the site primarily offer? The shipping, returns and the delivery procedure

The site offers an élite and a branded collection of Suits, Pants, Jackets and coats along with swimwear, shoes and even nightwear exclusively for the men in trend. They also have a clubbed collection of outfits you can look for and buy according to your choice.

The site has around 230 international brands with free shipping in Germany and neighboring countries as well as a guaranteed 30 days free return policy for all issues like size and replacements with no questions asked which allows you to have a smooth shopping experience.

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