If you are looking for concert tickets in Russia, there is no better site than kassy to explore tickets by the city on events, entertainment, concerts, shows, and much more.

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Info About

Kaay is a Russain online retailer of tickets for events. The company was established with the aim of offering its customers a platform through which they could access tickets for different kinds of events across the country. The company began operations in 2003. The company has a dedicated a section of its website for events specific to each city in the county. In total, the company offers its services in more than 102 countries across the world.

Goals of the Company

The company has listed five goals on their website that they wish to achieve through their platform and services, these include making the process of purchasing tickets as convenient as possible, to establish an efficient system of accounting and control for the ticket industry, create rules that are uniform for ticket sales,  increase the ticket sales for all suppliers listed and improve the ticket management system in the country and integrate it into a single automated system for the country.

Sales Rules

The company lists the rules that need to be followed while selling tickets for various events through its platform in the rules section of its website. This section was introduced with the aim of ensuring that fairness is maintained across all transactions that are carried out through the company. Customers can also use this section to see their rights as a ticket holder and see whether if their rights are violated.


The news section of the company’s website consists of the latest updates and news from the world of entertainment and events. Customers can go through this news section to stay up to date on the latest events in their city.

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