Established in the year 1851, Kiehl's is a Dermatologist store which sells hair care, skin care, body care, beauty and cosmetics products. It also provides various facials and skin treatments. You can get toner, cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, etc. It sells products made with natural ingredients.

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Info About & Kiehls Store

Kiehls is a mammoth in the cosmetics and self-hygiene industry based in Manhattan, USA and has stores in pretty much every major city, along with international shipping on their website. As a division of L'Oreal, it has ascended to almost a household name when it comes to skincare and hair products, among others. 


Kiehls, in its infancy, was a pharmaceutical business with its birth at 1851. With over 165 years of experience, Kiehls is dedicated to providing customers with what they require after years of feedback and experimenting with their concoctions.

Why Kiehls?

Kiehls differentiate themselves from other giants in cosmetics by focusing mainly on products for men although they also have a wide selection of products for women and children. 

Possibly the most striking feature of their products is the use of almost all natural ingredients which they aren't afraid to showcase, along with their commitment to recyclable materials for packaging. Kiehls currently runs a campaign where customers can exchange multiple of their empty containers of products for a new one. 


Kiehls offers a wide range of products right from skin creams, moisturizers to head and foot care products.

The sheer variety of their products is stunning, and the ingredients of each product are highlighted along with their uses, and lest we forget, hundreds of satisfied customer reviews for each product. 

With reasonably priced products, Kiehls offers unmatched convenience during gifting seasons. They specialize in products such as high factor UV protection creams with SPF50 and above, naturally scented lotions and shaving creams, targeted anti-aging solutions for men and women alike.

Kiehls also offers everyday products such as shampoos, hair and beard grooming products and surprisingly, even veterinary products for the animal lovers.

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