Monclick is the online portal that sells computers, notebook, LED TV, LCD TV, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, satellite navigators, printers, air conditioners, and much more. Check for the offers now!

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Info About & Monclick Store

Monclick is an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of electronics, electrical appliances, games and telephony products delivered throughout Italy. Monclick guarantees its customers an ever wider and more varied product catalog. Consumer electronics specialist, Monclick offers PCs, notebooks, TVs, telephony, photography, IT products, videogames and GPS, small and large appliances, products for the office and much more with over 45,000+ references, each customer can always find the product more suited to expectations. All products offered by Monclick are original and covered by a 24-month warranty.

Dedicated Customer Care

Monclick has an internal team, which can be contacted via email and by phone, dedicated to customer assistance both in the pre-purchase phase, guiding him in choosing the best product for his needs or to answer any questions on the site, both in the post-purchase phase in the resolution of any problems. Monclick follows its customers in all phases of the order until the product is properly delivered.

Quick Delivery

For all those orders containing products with immediate availability in stock and paid by 12:00 of a working day by credit card, PayPal or cash on delivery, Monclick undertakes to deliver them to the courier the same evening. This, thanks to the presence of an advanced logistics center, based on an information system able to give the Customer constant monitoring of stock availability, acceptance, and progress of the order.

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