Natura is the Brazil-based marketer and manufacturer of skincare products, beauty products, health products, solar filters, household products, perfume and more.

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Founded in 1969, and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a 50 years old brand in global personal care. Natural & co. is one of the leading and popular names in the health and personal care category. Having its presence across 73 continents is the largest leading cosmetic company in Brazil. Recently the company Natura & Co. announced they will accept the agreement to take Avon Productions Inc. according to Brazilian regulation authorities that will soon be completed in 2020, after that the Natura & Co. will be the 4th largest pure-play beauty company to lead and recognized in the world. 
 Working Business Model
With its global presence as a company that promotes eco-friendly products. Natura & Co. uses a model in a natural way that helps promote environmental sustainability and social support. The supports and by taking the initiative to let common women and kids advertise and ad-shoot for the products so as more closeness and awareness be there. 
The company has more than 3000 pus stores, including Natura, The Body Shops and Aesop Operations.
Natura & Co. Sustainability

The main focus of Natura & Co. is to sustainably make the effort and pleasure of beauty and wellness care products accessible to many. Natura & Co. have partnered with many other personal care firms is committed to use Brazilian biodiversity ingredients in our products. 

Social Initiatives

Many of the products at Natura & Co. are eco-friendly and delivering Innovation at every step. 

Not just one but many Natura & committees in several programs In Brazil and Latin America that supports and serves for the social cause and cultural awareness initiatives. The Natura & Co. also supports the Public education of their country by giving a percentage of their sales on certain products to the education. The firm also is a keen initiator I promoting Brazilian music and arts.

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