Sky Scanner help you find flight tickets with the lowest rate by searching hundreds of airlines flying between 5000 airports.

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Info About is the Hong Kong arm of the global Online travel company Skyscanner. The company is an aggregator of services offered by travel operators. Customers cannot perform bookings directly through the Skyscanner platform, as it just helps them in finding such services. Any transaction involving money is carried out between the operator and the customer. The company is just a medium that makes the life of the customers easier by offering them cost-effective travel solutions.


Through the company’s platform customers can perform bookings for flights, hotels, and cabs. Through the services offered by the company, customers can filter deals through parameters like price, location, service provider, etc. This search function offered by the company is free of cost. The company makes its money through commissions from travel operators listed on their platform as well as from advertisements. In total, the company lists the services of over 1200 partners of its website.

Skyscanner Unique Skills

The Skyscanner unique skills section of the website to guide and inform customers of towards the different services offered by the company. This section could be considered as a user guide for navigating the website. This section consists of literature that mainly explains what all services the customers can enjoy through the company’s platform.

Press Releases

The company has dedicated an entire section if its website for press releases. This section mainly consists of official news releases directly from the management of the company. This section is mainly used by the company to announce significant occurrences related to the company like awards, change in management and successful funding among others.

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