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Info About & Zooplus Ireland Store

Zoo Plus is a store that deals in branded pet foods and pet supplies at all times of the year. This is a store that customers can visit to buy supplies for dogs, cats, birds, small pets and aquariums, at any given time of the year and that too for prices that are truly affordable. 

Quality Supplies for All Types of Pets 

Zoo Plus deals in pet food products that are branded as well as non-branded, and there are many other pet supplies that customers can choose from when they shop here, such as aquariums, ponds and pet toys. The pet foods that are sold at this store are of an excellent standard and have been approved of by vets prior to being made available for sale. The pet supplies at Zoo Plus are always in stock all through the year and are best bought in bulk by customers who intend on using them over the long term. The pet supplies at Zoo Plus come with an extensive shelf life too. 

Customer Loyalty Programs and Newsletter 

All of the pet supplies that are available for sale at Zoo Plus are those that are priced quite affordable. Customers can procure pet supplies from this store at discounted rates at specific times, and there is a loyalty customer program that one can be a part of as well, in order to be able to get hold of pet supplies at prices that are lower than the usual market price. Zoo Plus also releases a newsletter quite frequently that includes useful articles and columns on pet care and pet grooming.

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