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Abebooks is the UK-based portal that sells collectibles, art, and books with the world's most extensive collection of sellers around the globe. Visit the site and shop now!

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Everyone has a hobby that keeps them busy and entertained, if yours is collecting rare books and antiques, then is the place for you. An online marketplace, established in 1996, ABE stands for Advanced Book Exchange.

What you will get?

The website offers for sale millions of new, used and rare books and collectibles via multiple other sites. It is easily navigable and can be browsed using the various option given on the top left of the website.

One can do an Advanced Search in which you have to enter multiple details and filters about the book or the collectible you are searching for and you can find it easily. The Browse Collections section on the site allows you to visit various pre-designed collections so you can choose the book or item you are looking for. Usually, these collections are various genres or categories that can be effortlessly viewed.

There is a special section on the site for the rarest books and collectibles which include some of the most valued first editions, signed copies, etc. The website is also beneficial for students as they can find new, old or cheap textbooks on almost any and every subject. Think you have something that matches the products available on the site? You can also be a seller for a monthly subscription and list your products out on the website which offers a marketplace to help you gain a customer base.

The website is widespread and in various countries as USA, Germany, France and Italy making it available to customers all over the world.

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