Air Miles Shops is a shopping mall which provides information on where to earn and spend Air Miles to the collectors.

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Info About & Air Miles Shops Store

Through Air Miles Shop, one can get rewarded at over 200 at online retailers. The rewards are in the form of miles. On a particular amount, you will get miles according to the purchase.

How it Works?

There are three steps to earn miles while doing online shopping. The steps for the same are as follows:

  • Sign In: You will have to make a Collector profile at Air Miles. After making the Collector profile, you will get a Card with a serial number and your name on it. If you already have a card, you can activate the Collector profile with the card itself. Now, Login to with the Collector number on the card given by Air Miles.
  • Shop Now: Now, you can browse through hundreds of online stores and offers. At Air Miles Shop, under Browse Category, there are Apparel, Electronics, Gifts & Flowers, Health & Beauty, Travel and many options. On selecting an option, different online stores will be shown. For example, if one selects the Electronics category, then Apple, Dell, Microsoft and other retailer options are offered. Select a store and shop.
  • Get Miles: The purchase should be done online. On every purchase for any product of $20, a customer is rewarded 1 Air Mile before taxes and shipping.

There are few exceptions to this scheme which can be checked at the store’s pages. You can also multiply your Miles, available at specific online stores. You just have to check the Miles multiplier icons to take advantage. It also gives offers to save money!

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