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Buy all the latest computer hardware, peripherals, accessories, games, troubleshooting of equipment and more with an - best computer service provider in entire Netherlands.

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Info About & ALTERNATE Netherlands Store

Alternate has been one of the largest online suppliers of computers, computer components, and multimedia products in the Netherlands. Over the years, the range has been further expanded with related products such as household electronics, tools, and toys. Alternate Nederland is a fixed value in the online market and still the market leader in computer-related products. Today, all countries in Europe are supplied from logistics centers in the Netherlands, both directly to the end user or as a fulfillment partner for other sellers. This makes Alternate one of the most successful e-commerce companies in its sector.


Alternate wants to contribute to care for the environment and the living surrounding. Sustainability in policymaking is, therefore, an important theme. They are happy to see waste separation, the reuse of packaging material and environmental care within the organization as a matter of course.

Transport Damage Assurance

Despite careful handling and the use of high-quality packaging materials, it can happen that products are damaged during the delivery process to the customer. If you see on delivery that the product is damaged or that it has been open, do not accept it. They will receive the delivery back and ensures you receive the best product next time.

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