Ancestry Canada, an online historical record collector is world's leading family history website that enables people to uncover their family's history. It starts by looking into one's family tree and then check their records for number of parameters.

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Family history can be very interesting; digging into one’s past can reveal a number of astonishing and exciting things. There will be things that one expects and sometimes there might be a few surprises too. Especially with the internet and the new resources pertaining to genealogy, digging up your past and finding things about yourself and your ancestors can be an exciting hobby. And with Ancestry Canada, you can not only find out about your history but so much more!

How does it work?

Basically, it all starts with your DNA; DNA can not only tell people what ethnicity they predominantly belong to, but also what other ethnicities make up their DNA. So, requesting a DNA testing Kit from Ancestry Canada can be the starting point.

Get to know new relations

Ancestry Canada has a huge database of people who have already used their services. So, once the DNA test is done, they also provide information as to the people who have a similar DNA profile and in what way they might be your relations. This way, you can get to know family members from all across the globe, ones you didn’t even know existed. Thus, you can get to know new people and easily get information about your family, like never before.

New places of origin

Ancestry Canada also provides information about the places your family and your ancestors could have been from. Using their database, they can pinpoint the location from which your ancestors could have migrated and the time of their possible migration.

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