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The best characteristic about the world of fashion, and also the worst thing, is its ever-changing nature. It is best because we get to see and try out new fashions on a regular basis and it is bad because excellent pieces of clothing become “last season” so quickly. Another interesting characteristic of fashion is reverting back to bygone favorites and currently, it is about minimalistic designs. But through the ages, A.P.C. has stuck to this concept and managed to slowly but surely make a name for itself.

We like them and yet we don’t know why!

There is nothing flamboyant about A.P.C. – the clothes, the styles, the people who founded it and the people working for it as well as the brand everything is as subtle as you can want. It has now been in business for more than 3 decades, is the go-to for clothes that can be easily worn for long periods of time, look good on us while managing to be comfortable and the ones we love without being able to understand why. And this, according to the force behind the brand, is because A.P.C. is more focused on designing and making clothes rather than on making a noise. All their physical, mental and economic resources are invested in providing customers with clothes that are chic and comfortable, made from quality materials and with designs that endure. And this formula seems to be working since what started as a niche market in a few European locations is now popular in many countries globally.

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